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M19 Connector

  • Model: KLS15-225-M19
  • MOQ: 1000 PCS
  • Payment: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
  • Place_of_Origin China
  • Delivery_Time: 10 days
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M19 Circular Connector (Safty apporval : UL, Water proof  Ip≥55)
Subminiature Circular Connector are widely useed for the Hi-Tech trade. thread type. Used in the installation of the panel, small, exquisite and sensitive.

(1) (2)(3)
(1) M19:  M19 Shell Size  (Other M25,M30,M35Type)
(2) 2:   2 pins     (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,16,20,pins)
(3) F1-Straight Plug Socket   F2-Docking Plug Pin   F3-Straight Plug Socket    M1-Receptacle Pin
Receptacle Pin   M4-Round Flange Receptacle Pin

KLS15-225-M19 TYPE  Electrical Characteristics:

2P 3P 4P 5P 6P 7P
8P 9P 10P 11P  
Contacts No.:    2P 3P 4P 5P 6P 7P 8P 9P 10P 11P 12P
Rated current / Voltage/ 10A-150V 7A-150V 5A-125V 3A-125V
Operation Limit  Voltage (AC.V.rms) 400 300 250 200
Withstanding Voltage (AC.V.rms) 1 minute 1500
Insulation resistance (MΩ) at DC500V 2000
Contact resistance (mΩ) at DC1A 10
soder cup mouth diameter Ø(mm) 2 1.2 0.8
solder diameter Ø(mm) 2.95 2 1.5
TYPE TYPE Pins Ordering Water-proof


Straight Plug Socket 2 M19-2F1 IP55
3 M19-3F1 IP55
4 M19-4F1 IP55
Straight Plug Socket 5 M19-5F1 IP55
Straight Plug Socket 6 M19-6F1 IP55
7 M19-7F1 IP55
8 M19-8F1 IP55
9 M19-9F1 IP55
10 M19-10F1 IP55

Docking Plug Pin 2 M19-2F2 IP55
3 M19-3F2 IP55
4 M19-4F2 IP55
Docking Plug Pin 5 M19-5F2 IP55
Docking Plug Pin 6 M19-6F2 IP55
7 M19-7F2 IP55
8 M19-8F2 IP55
9 M19-9F2 IP55
10 M19-10F2 IP55

Straight Plug Socket 2 M19-2F3 IP55
3 M19-3F3 IP55
4 M19-4F3 IP55
Straight Plug Socket 5 M19-5F3 IP55
Straight Plug Socket 6 M19-6F3 IP55
7 M19-7F3 IP55
8 M19-8F3 IP55
9 M19-9F3 IP55
10 M19-10F3 IP55

Receptacle Pin 2 M19-2M1 IP55
3 M19-3M1 IP55
4 M19-4M1 IP55
Receptacle Pin 5 M19-5M1 IP55
Receptacle Pin 6 M19-6M1 IP55
7 M19-7M1 IP55
8 M19-8M1 IP55
9 M19-9M1 IP55
10 M19-10M1 IP55

Penetrate a wall assembling

Through-wall Receptacle Pin 2 M19-2M2 IP55
3 M19-3M2 IP55
4 M19-4M2 IP55
Through-wall Receptacle Pin 5 M19-5M2 IP55
Through-wall Receptacle Pin 6 M19-6M2 IP55
7 M19-7M2 IP55
8 M19-8M2 IP55
9 M19-9M2 IP55
10 M19-10M2 IP55

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Round Flange Receptacle Pin 2 M19-2M4 IP55
3 M19–3M4 IP55
4 M19–4M4 IP55
Round Flange Receptacle Pin 5 M19–5M4 IP55
Round Flange Receptacle Pin 6 M19–6M4 IP55
7 M19-7M4 IP55
8 M19-8M4 IP55
9 M19-9M4 IP55
10 M19-10M4 IP55