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Russia Gas Meter

  • Model: KLS11-GM01
  • MOQ: 1000 PCS
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СГБМ-1.6  Gas Meter :

Technical data

Item Unit Data
Qn m³/h 1.6
Qmin m³/h 0.04
Pmax Kpa 5
Pressure lose Pa Qmax≤600
Basic error % Qmim≤Q<0.1max±3   0.1Qmim≤Q≤Qmax±1.5
Overall dimension mm 110x70x92
Screw thread junction of meter M21x1.5
Weight kg 0.76

1. General
1.1. С Г Б М-1.6 is a small size of the daily gas meter. According the technical conditions П Д Е К Ю 407292 Ю 001 Т У to product.

Used to measure the family using gas. Could working under the uninterrupted conditions.
Environment temperature :-10C—–50C.
Relative hunmidity: ?95C(temperature<35C).
Atmospheric pressure 84—106.7KPA( 630—800MM 汞柱)
Max working pressure? 5.0KPA(0.05Kg/CM2)
1.2  When the gas meter is working, it should not have the noise, the electromagnetic interference, vibration and pollution gas.
1.3  There are four models of gas meter:
Don’t take the temperature compensation —-СГБМ-1.6,accuracy1.0 and 1.5。
Don’t take temperature compensation, with a pulse output ——-СГБМ-1.6,accuracy1.0 and 1.5。
Temperature compensation —–СГБМ-1.6,accuracy1.0 and 1.5。
Take temperature compensation, with a pulse output ——СГБМ-1.6,accuracy1.0 and 1.5。
The measuring of gas meter with a temperature compensation, close to the standard conditions (close to temperature T = 20 C).
Accuracy mark with 1.0 or 1.5, temperature compensation mark with TK, pulse output printed on the surface of the table.
2.General instructions
2.1. In purchasing the gas meter must check list of configuration.

—– Whether or not to bring a seal, and sealed up is complete.
—– Whether there is a mechanical damage.
—– The manual to have sales store tags.
—– Also check number of user manual.
2.2.The set, installation and use, maintenance and service of meter need the qualification units to do. In the description of the chapter 14 recounted.
2.3. In use process, to prevent the meter eroding by dirt, water and steam, etc.
——Prevent mechanical damage.
——Don’t allow damage sealed up.
2.4. Do not allow their own installation, remove and maintenance work.
3.    The basic technical material and technical performance:
3.1.Tee diameter15MM。

3.2. In the three links to have threaded G1/2-B (GB 6357 81), used to gas meter connected to the gas pipe.
3.3. Measuring gas consumption range:Qmin=0.04m3/h    Qmax=1.6m3/h.
3.4. Allow the relative error limit:
Qmin——0.2 Qmax      +-3.0%
0.2 Qmax ——Qmax     +-1.0% (accuracy:1.0) / +-1.5% (accuracy:1.5)
3.5. Measure range:
Natural gas (according to GB 5542 87)
The hydrocarbon gas liquefaction (according to GB 20448 90)
3.6. Measuring range parameters: Pressure?5.0KPA
3.7. The smallest counter pressure value —-0.001M3
3.8. Gas meter counter capacity is not less than —–99999.999M3
3.9. Gas meter energy supply comes from  lithium batteries. The battery model is ER14505 AA 3.6 V or CR2477 3 V. Depends on the use of electronic module.
3.10. Gas meter with the temperature compensation , structure contains the temperature sensor, the sensor can measure-10 C to 50 C of gas temperature.
3.11. Gas meter use period is not less than 12 years from the date of production.
3.12. The weight of the gas meter is not more than 0.67 kilograms.
3.13. The overall size of gas meter is not more than 70 * 77 * 76 MM.
3.14. Gas meter non-ferrous metal and its alloy content not more than:
Aluminum and aluminum alloy —-0.10Kg ,  Zinc and zinc alloy —-0.45 Kg
3.15. In the electronic module structure use models to KPC 357 NT optical electronic light emitting components (optoelectronic components).
Can use remote index is, this excerpt from the output pulse to the external network may, in accordance with the rise of every 10 by gas settlement once,
and with the following parameters:
Optoelectronic components of the external network current is not more than 3 MA.
Optoelectronic components of the external network voltage not more than 60 V.
4.Meter configuration
4.1. gas meter—–1pc

4.2. tee——–1pc
4.3. pad———–1pc
4.4. user—–1pc
4.5. Complete installation parts: seal—-1pc,wire—–0.4M.
4.6. A single box.

5. Device and working principle:
5.1. According to the measuring gas vibration frequency according to the proportion of the loss of acoustics, to achieve gas meter measurement.

The gas through the loss of gas jet module,and sensor by the loss of the sensor to write down produce pulse.
5.2.Gas meter contains the following structure:
Loss sensor: this sensor in a closed box, including gas jet module and pneumatic power converters.
Electronic module: this electronic module to enhance and form count pulse. Electronic module contains counter.
Lithium battery: used to provide energy to electronic module.
Cover shell
5.3. С Г Б М 1.6 with a LCD counter in the decimal point on the left on the counter, the gas consumption of cubic said number.
The decimal point on the right is the 3 decimal places.
Note: in happen external electromagnetic interference (such as pressure lighter work) can make liquid crystal display temporarily stop,
can’t indication information, but not more than 10 seconds should be back to normal instructions.
5.4. According to the requirements of users, into the external network optoelectronic components of the pulse, can produce according to any gas two to install.
6.Security measures
6.1 The structure of the gas meter safety performance according to gb 12.2.003-91

6.2. Gas meter use safety, through the finish of the instructions,8,9,10 chapter 7 to guarantee.
6.3. Do not use gas in the case, total gas switch to off.
6.4. Gas meter installation work, must be installed in gas lines of under no pressure.
6.5. Gas meter in installation to gas pipes, should pay attention to the coaxial tolerance, don’t eccentric, fixed firm, even.